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We exist to inspire our community to work on their stamina, strength or stretch priorities with Yoga and Pilates. Move your body and feed your soul with over 68 dedicated classes per week plus workshops. Try us now 2 FREE Yoga, Barre or Pilates Mat Classes.
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Author: abracks

This frittata is tasty and healthy perfect with a salad for lunch on a Summer's day or served with steamed green beans for a cold winter's dinner INGREDIENTS (serves 4) 200g carrot 300g cauliflower 15g crushed garlic 4 egg whites 3 whole eggs 200g kale 5g cracked black peppercorn 150g onion 100g zucchini 28g crumbled feta...

This low carb high nutrition recipe is great for Summer, entertaining during the festive season or to detox the day after heavy eating. Great for lunch or a dinner on a hot day. Ingredients 400g Salmon 20g Shallots 6 Cos lettuce leaves 1 Mango cheek 1/2 Lebanese cucumber 1 Small tomato 1/4 Lemon...

Soulful Fitness Lane Cove is opening up their doors on August 22nd 2015 from 8am-4pm to allow the local community to try yoga, meditation, Pilates, barre and Pilates reformer classes and attend a series of education seminars on nutrition, weight loss, back care, kinesiology and...