Soulful Fitness | Covid-19
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Soulful Fitness COVID-19 Safety Plan


New Safety and Cleaning Procedures:


All staff and teachers have completed COVID-19 Infection training with certificates before opening outdoor classes and indoor classes.


The staff and teachers have the option to wear masks and gloves if they choose to. Members have the choice to bring their masks and gloves from home to use. 


Casual usage is not available, only members and their guests or a voucher holder may access the studio.


Hand wash signs from the WHO are placed at all sink basins and hand sanitizer posters from WHO and sanitizers are available in all rooms.


Online classes are still available for those not ready to come back to the studio, until further notice.


All equipment has been washed and the studio professionally sprayed before re-opening. The studio has been cleaned and professionally sprayed before reopening.


A fogging machine and new cleaning chemicals and soap has been purchased for the new cleaning systems.


New cleaning roster has been designed with many more cleaning checks of frequent touch point surface areas such as iPads and door handles.


Social distancing applied in all rooms, equipment too close has been marked “out of use”.


More seating is available outdoors to accommodate for social distancing.


Showers are unavailable until further notice.



In Classes:


No touch policy has been implemented in teaching classes. Verbal cues are to be used instead.


Members are to place mats over designated spacing marks. 


Members to use own mats. Shared /hire mats are no longer available.


Reformer beds are to be cleaned after every class.


Class timetable starting times have changed to allow 15 minutes between classes instead of back to back classes to allow time for people to leave a room and let it clear before others enter.



Member Responsibilities:


Members asked to stay at home and not use the facility if unwell or have symptoms.


New members and guests will be asked as part of a health check if they have had or have COVID-19 or symptoms and will need a DR clearance to start at the studio.


Members are asked to abide by social distance laws 1.5m between other members and the Soulful Fitness team and teachers.


Members must bring a their own mat and a towel to use on bolsters and other equipment.


Members need to wear socks on Pilates machines. A towel is also encouraged.


Please remember to smile at others, live with kindness, we are in this together. 



Outdoor Classes Stage 1 Opening (Temporary until Stage 2):


All teachers will carry hand sanitizer to the venue.


Members and staff are asked to bring your own mats.


Members and staff to stay min 1.5m distance apart.


Classes are scheduled 30 mins apart to allow time for members to leave without a large group forming with the next class arriving.





In the event there is a reported COVID-19 positive case in the studio the relative authorities will be contacted and the members who had potential contact will be notified. The studio will be disinfected to ensure it is safe to resume classes.