Soulful Fitness | 11 Benefits of Pilates
Pilates and exercises performed on the Pilates Reformer beds are amazing for you, your body and your mind. Here are 11 reasons to start doing Pilates Mat and Pilates reformer classes.
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11 Benefits of Pilates

11 Benefits of Pilates Soulful Fitness Lane Cove

11 Benefits of Pilates

Pilates and exercises performed on the Pilates Reformer beds are amazing for you, your body and your mind. Soulful Fitness in Lane Cove services the needs of people looking for Pilates mat, barre and Pilates reformer classes in the Hunters Hill, Ryde, Gladesville, Chatswood and Lane Cove communities.

11 Benefits of Pilates Mat Classes:

– Increase strength in overall body. Your workout is targeted on all of your muscles from your feet to your finger tips to your core. Every muscle needs to turn on and your whole body is worked in each class.

– Promotes muscle growth and development. Moving your muscles and using your own body weight plus having the spring resistance on the beds increases muscle strength, growth and development.

– Increases stamina. Working in a class for 60 minutes increases the body’s stamina as well as strength.

– Increases stretch. The exercises will help you stretch and work on lengthening your muscles.

– Increases balance. The exercises will help you gain more balance and also improves your focus and concentration. Balance is also achieved mentally by focusing on your body, your breath and your muscles for an hour instead of your worries leaving you refreshed and mentally strong to take on the day.

– Increases coordination by giving the body an entire workout and practicing balance using arms and legs in opposite directions for example increases coordination.

– Makes day to day activities easier. Being stronger and having stronger muscles makes simple things like carrying the groceries, playing with the grand children, kicking the ball with the kids on the weekend and lifting in the garden easier.

– Increases confidence. Having stronger muscles and a strong core improves posture and increases confidence.

– Increases core and flattens stomachs. Who doesn’t want a flatter stomach and stronger core?! The core of your body supports the movement of all of your body during the day and strong core sections help support all of the other muscles including lower back. Pilates classes focuses on the core in most exercises to ensure it is completely strengthened to support the entire body.

– Lengthens the body and tones leg and thigh areas. Got a holiday coming up on a tropical beach? Or maybe a ski weekend away? Strong toned legs are the result of attending Pilates classes which focus on the inner thigh, hamstrings and gluteal muscles separately lengthening and strengthening them with each exercise.

– Increases back strength and can relieve back pain. Pilates exercises have been proven for years to increase strength in the lower and upper back reducing pain and increasing mobility.

Try a class today and see if it is for you www.soulfulfitness.com.au The classes are very accommodating for people of all experiences, ages and cater for many different injuries and stiffness.


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