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Want to live a low tox life? Our expert gives you some practical tips on how to make your home and life less toxic
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Living Low the Low Tox Way

Living Low the Low Tox Way Soulful Fitness

Living Low the Low Tox Way

Living Lightly the Low Tox Way by Kayscha Corcoran

When you start to live life according to the low tox way it means you are making every day choices that reduce the toxic chemicals in your home and in your body. In turn, you will live in a healthier environment and your bodies can function efficiently, the way it knows how to. When we live life the low tox way, we live more lightly within ourselves, and upon the Earth. Your low tox journey is actually about simplifying and it needn’t be overwhelming.
“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”.
Here are five quick and easy low tox tips to get you started on your journey;

  1. One of the quickest changes you can make to start to lower your toxic load is to ditch anything with “fake” fragrance. The chemical that makes smells “stay” in products is known as Phthalates. They are an endocrine disruptor, which means they mimic hormones. They are known to have adverse effects and are linked to the increase in many conditions and illnesses. They are in a long list of products commonly found in homes, but a good place to start is to find a natural alternative for your air fresheners, perfumes, scented candles and fabric softener. Phthalates generally show on labels as “fragrance” or “parfum”. Unless it has an asterisk and says “from essential oils” then you are dealing with a fake fragrance.
  2. Get curious about the labels on the products you are buying and using in your home and on your body. Wonder what the long words mean and what all those numbers are. As a start, consider what is in your home cleaning products, body and hair care products as well as your makeup and what those long names and those numbers could be doing to your system. Ditch them and switch to more natural products. When it comes to your food, buy produce not products. Plan your menu, get back in the kitchen, swap 3 fruit or veges to organic ones next time you shop and slowly increase.
  3. Turn your Wi-Fi off when it is not in use to reduce your EMF exposure, and while you’re at it get your phone out of your bedroom. If you really must have it for the alarm, turn it onto flight mode. This technology is relatively new in the grand scheme of things and we still don’t know the full effects of it on our systems, however more and more research is showing that it can be harmful.
  4. Ensure that you are not being exposed to mould in your home. If you find it, please get a professional in to treat it at the cause of the problem. There is growing evidence that shows mould can cause serious respiratory illnesses and chronic inflammation. (Not that you will have bleach in your house by the time you have worked through point 2 above, but bleaching it will not kill the mould spores, it will only discolour them and still allow them to grow!)
  5. The low tox way of life is all encompassing; self-care and time out is incredibly important in the busy world we live in. Get out into the sunshine, move your body (don’t put off that yoga class today!), eat real food that is the way nature intended, take your shoes off and plant your feet upon the Earth to soak up its energy. Reflect on the way you are living your life. Create change where you need to. Connect with friends and family. Breathe, deep and long!

There is a growing movement towards living more mindfully, and people are realising that the products we are using and how we are living is affecting our biology. Any change at all that moves you towards a more natural lifestyle leads you to a healthier body and a healthier home and in turn contributes to a healthier environment.

Kayscha Corcoran is a Holistic Wellness Coach who is passionate about inspiring wellness naturally, sharing how to make everyday choices to reduce your toxic load in your body and home, and empowering others to live their best life. Without overwhelm.
Her expertise lies in holistic wellness coaching, chemical declutter consultations, DIY workshops, and how to incorporate essential oils into day to day life.
Kayscha also presents engaging educational talks and group workshops on all facets of living a low tox lifestyle.
Insta: kayschacorcoran