Soulful Fitness | 20 Successful Weight Loss Tips
Losing weight can be daunting without support, motivation and the right program for your body. Here are 20 successful weight loss tips to help you look and feel the way you want.
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20 Successful Weight Loss Tips

20 Successful Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight can be daunting without support, motivation and the right program for your body. The combination of exercise and the right nutrition is essential for the success of your weight loss.

Putting on weight and carrying excess weight is your body telling you that you have too much energy going in and not enough energy going out, therefore it is stored as body fat.

The other key element to weight loss is that you complete the goals you have set. Most good eating plans and exercise programs work. The only element that makes them fail is when people make a conscious decision that they are not going to do them anymore.

There are always going to be times when you stop exercising for a few days or go out for a nice gourmet dinner. The next day you need to get back into your routine of exercise and healthy eating and make it a lifestyle choice for you to succeed.  Give the following tips a go and really make a commitment to looking and feeling better and for a healthier more vibrant YOU!

  1. Have a strength resistance program like Pilates Reformer classes—1 kilo of muscle burns 10 calories per day. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. Therefore Pilates Reformer training is excellent for burning calories and weight loss.
  2. Have a cardio vascular program to burn body fat (examples include barre, Fit Barre, Fit Reformer and Spin classes).
  3. Always choose wholemeal bread, pastas and rice (they have less sugar and leave you feeling full longer).
  4. Cut out sugary drinks (soft drinks, iced teas, various flavoured water are full of calories). Too much soft drink can lead to fatty livers—there are around 8 teaspoons of sugar /small soft drink.
  5. Use substitutes like lite evaporated milk and natural yoghurt instead of cream and sour cream eg in pasta dishes, potato bake, mashed potato and even cake recipes.
  6. Don’t add salt to your food—always taste your food first and try pepper and herbs for flavour. Salt absorbs fluid and encourages your body to store body fat.
  7. Eat bigger meals in the earlier part of the day rather than late dinners. Try and eat an early dinner.
  8. When cooking reduce the amount of sugar and butter in the recipes.
  9. When eating out choose tomato based sauces rather than cream.
  10. When drinking alcohol, have a glass of water in between each glass.
  11. Rewire the brain to stop cravings and habits of choosing bad foods eg try a low fat milk or healthy lunch if you don’t like it, try it a couple of times to rewire the brain. After a while of being on skim milk people don’t like the flavour of full cream milk anymore. It’s all about breaking bad habits and creating new good habits.
  12. Eat more white fish eg Blue Eye Cod which is low in fat and a good source of protein.
  13. Eat more fish oil tablets—they improve memory, brain function, mood and weight loss.
  14. Reduce portion size— put things like a bag of salt free nuts into smaller size snap bags to promote control portion size eating and avoid over eating the entire bag.
  15. Eat 5 serves of vegetables per day—this applies to everybody.
  16. Eat more colours in your diet for better nutrition—try a variety of vegetables rather than eating the same each time. More colour = more vitamins and different nutrition sources.
  17. Drink water when you feel like a snack. This will fill the stomach which sends information to the brain that the stomach is full. If you are hungry 20 minutes later choose a healthy snack like handful of nuts or yoghurt.
  18. Weigh yourself each week and make yourself accountable to your goals. Knowing what the ‘score is’ is important. Your clothes and how they fit is also a good indicator of how you are tracking.
  19. The exercising will get easier each week as you get fitter so stick with it and the rewards will come.
  20. Always tell yourself it can be done and it will be done. There is no such thing as quitting or not succeeding.


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