Soulful Fitness | 9 Tips to Reaching Your Goals in 2019
Want to finally reach your goals this year? Here are 9 proven tips to helping you get there
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9 Tips to Reaching Your Goals in 2019

Ensure you reach your goals
9 Tips to Reaching Your Wellness Goals in 2019

9 Tips to Reaching Your Goals in 2019

Many people set dreams and wishes on the 1st January each year. Here is the process to actually making them come true:

1. A goal without a deadline is a just a dream or wish. Instantly turn these aspirations into real goals by setting a non-negotiable date to have them achieved by
2. Know exactly what you want – specifically. Get down to the detail of what you want to achieve.
3. Spend some time contemplating your ‘why’. Why is thiis goal really important to you?
4. Articulate what happens if you don’t achieve this goal. How are you going to feel?
5. Block out negativity. That flaw in our beautiful minds that tells you it cant be done, or why bother trying needs to be ignored. Know what you want and don’t let negative thoughts interfere with your success.
6. Eliminate fear of failure or rejection from holding you back. Remember fear kills more dreams than failure. 
7. Write down your short term and long term goals and place them on your bathroom mirror so you can see them every morning to keep you focused.
8. Have someone you can report into to hold you accountable. the best athletes have a coach, the most successful business leaders have someone they are accountable too. This is a method of champions and will only help you get to where you want to go.  
9. Reward your goals with good healthy rewards. Movie tickets, a gourmet dinner, a concert, weekend away are all ideal awards for reaching your short and long term goals. Remember what gets rewarded gets done. 

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