Soulful Fitness | A Little Meditation
Enjoy a few tips to get you started and why a little meditation is vital to your restoration
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A Little Meditation

A couple of quick tips to help you start
A Little Meditation Lane Cove

A Little Meditation

What a spot to sit and embrace nature. Meditation is essential to keep your brain, mood, nervous system and heart in a relaxed and balanced state. Your body works extra hard in a busy world and we need to allow it to rest, digest and recover. Meditation helps you lower cortisol levels and feel rebooted and energised. It is not about doing nothing, but rather sitting still to allow all your body’s natural rhythm to get back into synch and to be able to listen to your heart and soul. When thoughts come up, acknowledge them and let them go, don’t spend too much thought on solving problems. After your meditation your choices and answers will be clearer. Join us for guided meditation on Saturday and Sunday and yoga nidra Fridays. 

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