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Pilates and Yoga is so good for physical and mental conditions because the breathwork detoxes your body and relaxes your nervous system. Controlled low impact movements strengthen weakened muscles helping them strengthen, relieving over worked painful muscles. In class we have people with Alzheimers, cancer,...

Ingredients1 bunch kale4 silver beet branches1 tub cherry tomatoes1 zucchini2 squares goats cheese12 eggs1- 1.5 cups soy milk / rice milk /milkHerbs; our choice marjoram and oregano but use what you haveHeat oven to 180 degres. Chop silver beat, kale and tomatoes and add to...

Looking for an easy meal that's healthy? Ingredients:Snapper or blue eyed cod (or Tofu for vegetarians)2 spring onions1 small tin light coconut milk1 stick lemongrass1 tbsp sweet chilli sause1/4 lemonMethod:Place 4 pieces snapper or blue eyed cod into a baking dish. Add 2 chopped spring...