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We often get asked what are the best ways to burn body fat over Summer. Here are our programs.
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Burning Body Fat Over Summer

Burning Body Fat Over Summer

Burning Body Fat Over Summer

We get asked frequently around this time of the year what are the quickest ways to lose a few kilos left over from Winter for the upcoming Festive and Summer Months? Here are our top 5 programs for burning calories and increasing your metabolism:

Vinyasa Yoga – get into Vinyasa. it burns around 450-600 calories per hour (the same as a slow jog for an hour – and less impacting on your joints!)
Cardio Bounce Reformer – the trampoline component in the reformer class increases fat burning – around 400-550 calories per hour depending on the intensity of the class
– Power Pilates Reformer – this class has a high intensity, working on strong springs and quicker movements burning around 400-550 calories per hour depending on the class exercises
– Virtual Spin – you can jump on our bikes for 5 minutes or 2 hours, its up to you. Using the bikes in the spin room will help increase metabolism burning 400-700 calories in 60 mins depending on resistance and intensity.
– Fitbarre Classes – a normal barre class will burn around 300 calories, but a Ftbarre class has 2 cardio components and will burn up to 450 calories, even more if more cardio combinations are added to the routine.

Try some of these great classes as well as drinking more water, herbal teas, add a couple of classes of water between alcoholic drinks, reduce fried food and saturated fats, eliminate soft drinks, and turn your bad snacks into good ones with fresh vegetables and hummus dips and eat some protein for breakfast every other day.

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