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We exist to inspire our community to work on their stamina, strength or stretch priorities with Yoga and Pilates. Move your body and feed your soul with over 68 dedicated classes per week plus workshops. Try us now 2 FREE Yoga, Barre or Pilates Mat Classes.
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Recipes and Tips

Pumpkin Soup With Vegetables ½ small pumpkin 1 medium sweet potato 1 onion 1/3 celery 1 large carrot 2-3 large cloves garlic Method: Chop all vegetables into cubes and put into a large pot. Cover with enough water so the veges can boil leaving about an inch over water covering the top (check...

Are you rushed for time? This quick meal is a favourite of the team at Soulful Fitness especially as it only takes 7 minutes to prepare after yoga or Pilates class. Ingredients: 1 large white potato Kaleslaw / or coleslaw Tin of salmon or tuna Method: Piece potato with a fork...

This snack is so delicious it is a great alternative when fighting the sugar craving, when you need a pick me up before or after yoga or when friends drop in. Base Ingredients 250g raw cashews                         25g coconut oil                              100g pitted dates 120g dried cranberries                 50g pea protein...