Soulful Fitness | Give Your Owerworked Conscious Mind a Break
You are making so many decisions in the day, no wonder you are exhausted!
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Give Your Overworked Conscious Mind a Break

Yoga Props in Yin Yoga Lane Coe Soulful Fitness

Give Your Overworked Conscious Mind a Break

These last few months have been stressful for everybody. The decisions the conscious mind has to make on a daily basis are far more than ever before. Most things that were subconscious such as how to enter the shopping mall, what to touch, where to stand and whether you sanitised after touching the eftpos machine are all added stress onto the brain. Not being able to connect physically with family and friends creates immense isolation and loneliness. Yin yoga, tai chi and restorative yoga will settle the nervous system helping you to sleep better, your digestive system to absorb critical nutrients,, release tension in muscles, joints and fascia, promote circulation, generate better meridian flow and calm the mind giving it a break for enough time for you to feel nurtured. Dive deep during this time into a connection with self, releasing and healing emotions trapped in the body and restoring cells to their natural state and energy systems. The feeling after just one class where all you have focused on for that time was your breath and your body is exhilarating. Your tensions are melted away, your mind is clear and your soul is filled once again. See you for class in studio or join one of our 160 classes on demand through Soulful Fitness TV 

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