Soulful Fitness | How to Fit in Your Online Yoga and Pilates Classes
These tips help you get into balance and develop boundaries to get work-life-balance. Enjoy your yoga and Pilates and feel like you are back into a routine again. Your body and mind will thank you for it.
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How to Fit In Your Online Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Barre and Pilates Classes

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How to Fit In Your Online Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Barre and Pilates Classes

Tips on How to Fit In Your Classes:

1. Book your classes into your schedule – they are just as important as a conference call, meeting with a client or seeing the physio. If you need to reschedule then pick an alternate time, without cancelling your session. 

2. Try a different time. You might have been able to exercise at 930am after the kids were at school, but now you have challenges at that time. Opt to change your time of workout or even type of workout. Instead of 930am Pilates Mat you may choose 8pm yin yoga. Remember it is not about first choices at this time, it’s about executing plan b’s and plan c’s. You’ll be back to your plan a before you know it (and might get to try something else that you don’t normally do)

3. If you are unmotivated, join us for a live class or drop us a note on social media or email. We are here to support you all the way. 

4. Get into a routine. Every Friday your classes are emailed to you, allowing you a nice amount of time to put the classes into your schedule for the week ahead. Pick 2 or so classes you are definitely going to lock in and then maybe pick a class here and there that you can do depending on how you are feeling on the day.

5. Pestered by flat mates, kids, partners and furbabies? Get them involved and discover new and fun ways to enjoy your practice. It’s not how you would normally do it, but enjoy the variety and be present with who you are with and be grateful that you can all do something together. 

6. Acknowledge that you are doing a good job. You had no warning that your life was going to be this way. You have done a great job of being adaptable, versatile, flexible and accommodating. 

7. Set short term plans. Now you are getting used to the new way of temporary living, you might feel up to setting some nutrition, meditation and exercise goals. Just work on week to week to avoid being overwhelmed. 

8. Remember that this will pass very quickly and we will be all back in the studio soon, eating at your favourite restaurants, having breakfast at your favourite cafe and holidaying on your favourite destination. This will pass.