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Please if you are struggling with mental health, we are here to help at Soulful Fitness Lane Cove
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I Am Begging You

I Am Begging You

I am begging you
The incidence of anxiety and depression are simply sky-rocketing and I am begging you to do something today to help relieve it, or prevent it.

I am begging you to start your regular routine of yin yoga, restorative yoga, somatic yoga, kundalini yoga, other yoga styles, tai chi, meditation or Pilates to help slow down your breath and mind and help you with anxiety and depression or build emotional resilience. 

Signs that you are experiencing mental health issues as explained by Black Dog Institute; Withdrawal from friends and activities, confusion, poor memory, find tasks and work difficult, brain fog, change in breath, digestion issues, pounding heart, clouded thoughts, panic feelings, physically tense, disturbed sleep, disengaged and focusing too much on outcomes. 

Ways to cope; Connection to others, having a safe space, exercise, breathwork, connecting to self, connecting to nature, having structure, having purpose and investing in yourself with self care practices.

If you have space at home for a mat for yoga or a chair for meditation you can practice. The excuses need to stop and the momentum needs to start.

I am begging you to put a meditation, yin yoga class and another class of your choice into your calendar each week. These classes will give you structure, community whilst being private, sense of connection to breath, self and others and give you space to allow your rest and digest parasympathetic nervous system to take over and stop fight and flight and relieve chronic stress. In studio and online options are there for you, its more accessible now than ever. You can do it, we want to support you and help you build resilience, strength, wellbeing and joy.

After seeing such great results in the studio over the past 6 years and judging the Mental Health Awareness Australian Fitness Industry Award last month, there is a  program that will help you feel better. Please start something today. Amanda Bracks, Studio Owner Soulful Fitness. Join us for yoga or Pilates in Lane Cove or online from anywhere in the world.