Soulful Fitness | Listen to Your Body
Listening to your body is essential for longevity. It tells you what it needs and it it's about dropping expectations and ideology and just tap in to find out what it needs right now.
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Listen to Your Body

Yoga in the Park

Listen to Your Body

So many of us think we have to train hard or it’s not going to be worth it. The message coming through from so many practitioners, health professionals and wellness consultants is to listen to your body. 

We have a society that is sitting more, reading and watching TV, tablets and phones more and we stay stuck for hours whether its a thirteen year old playing Minecraft, a business executive listening to a business podcast, or forty year old watching a cooking show on TV. We stay stuck to the devise for hours at a time. Working all day on devices, driving to and from work and then sitting at home watching devices again. 

So then what happens? We hit the outdoor pavement, gym, yoga studio or pool for a workout and train like an athlete. We go flat out because we have heard that its ‘go hard or go home’ and we break. We get injured, fatigued and run down. The answer is to listen to your body. If you have been on the computer all day investigating internet sites, your neck and upper back are going to need a release so choose hatha yoga to untangle,stretch out those locked up areas and strengthen muscles. Loading on them when you are tight will just end up with an injury. If you have been relaxing all day and have energy to burn, jump into a Pilates Reformer class and challenge yourself with maybe a harder spring or better technique to ensure the right muscles are loaded. If you have had a lot of drama through the day and are fatigued, drop into a yin yoga and yoga nidra class to release the body, slow breath and unwind your busy mind restoring your energy systems and happiness.

Listening to your body is a critical way forward in our busy lives. Drop all the expectations of life, of exercise and training and listen to what your body is saying it needs and feed and nurture it and it will serve you even better, for longer.