Soulful Fitness | Low Carb Fish Tacos
Want a fresh and easy meal that is great for a hot day that the kids will even love? Try our yummy fish tacos - only 3gms carbs
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Low Carb Fish Tacos

Low Carb Fish Tacos

This is a fantastic light dinner or lunch idea for a warmer day to ensure carbs are kept low, but delivers a protein hit with nutrition after your Pilates or Yoga class.  Vegetarians can add grilled tofu in replacement of fish.


250gm White fish (Snapper, Blue Eyed Cod, Flathead)

30g Avocado

50g Tomato

4 -6 Baby Cos lettuce

30g Red capsicum

50g White / Red Cabbage

1/2 Lemon or lime juice


Shred cabbage and dice all other vegetables and set aside in a bowl. Wash lettuce. Squeeze lemon juice, pink rock salt and pepper into the mixture in the bowl to taste. Pan fry fish in rice bran oil.

In the lettuce cups spoon the salad mixture and then the fish adding a squeeze of lemon or lime as desired.

Serves 1-2 people (add more fish for a bigger serving)

Carbs 3.2   Protein 27.35  Fat  5.35

See you in class soon!