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Foundation Membership Available Now – Save $440
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You only have one mind, one body, one heart and one life. All we ask is that you give us 2 hours a week to look after you and allow you to breath, strengthen, stretch, repair and be the best version of you.

Some days you will feel like stretching out, others you’ll want to play, some days you’ll want to challenge yourself and other days you’ll have energy to burn. We understand this and have membership options that allows you to do this.

Our memberships are weekly dues and the choices are:

  • Lifestyle

  • It takes 21 days to develop a habit, however it takes a minim of 6 months (Kotler) to develop a lifestyle behaviour change. We have called the Lifestyle membership as such as we need 6-8 months to support you to develop your exercise habit and then another 4-6 months to test you can continue to adhere to it to maximise your results. We reward you with a significant 20% discount to reward your dedication to your health and wellness. (12 month minimum membership).
  • Simplicity

  • If you are unsure if you can adhere to a 12 month program, then you can test the studio, classes and your schedule with a 12 week membership. This is a quick way to start up and then if you’re loving the classes and workshops as much as our other members simply upgrade to the Lifestyle program at any stage. (3 month minimum membership)

    Both memberships have a joining fee and weekly dues. Please call the studio on 94279855 to see what the promotion of the month is on one or both of these programs.

  • Book Studio Tour

  • Click to book a studio tour.