Soulful Fitness | New Year New Intentions 2018
A new year is a great time to set new intentions with the new energy that surrounds us.
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New Year New Intentions 2018

New Year New Intentions 2018

New Years’ is traditionally a time to set new goals and intentions. The beginning of the year has a renewed energy especially after some of us felt exhausted at the the end of 2017. Tap into this vibrant energy and embrace how many wonderful¬†things you can do this year without having any negative restricting debilitating thoughts. Thank them for rising but quickly ask them to leave whilst you continue your journaling of all the fulfilling¬†things you are going to experience in 2018. Some areas to focus on are your spiritual, family, health, holiday, career, financial, charity, parental and partner goals. We look forward to help support your health and wellness goals and will see you in the studio very soon at Lane Cove for yoga and Pilates. Warmly Amanda, Soulful Fitness Managing Director

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