Soulful Fitness | Pilates and Yoga is for Everyone
Pilate and Yoga has so inclusive especially for beginners, those with pain, illness and disease that need healing and strengthening. Pilates and Yoga is for everyone
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Pilates and Yoga is For Everyone

Yoga Lane Cove Soulful Fitness

Pilates and Yoga is For Everyone

Pilates and Yoga is so good for physical and mental conditions because the breathwork detoxes your body and relaxes your nervous system. Controlled low impact movements strengthen weakened muscles helping them strengthen, relieving over worked painful muscles. In class we have people with Alzheimers, cancer, dementia, bursitis, depression, people that haven’t exercised for decades, anxiety, frozen shoulders and abdominal separation after giving birth. The point is we are not all perfect, it’s the journey of life. What we can all be perfect at is committing the time for self care, strength and restoration and ensuring basic excuses don’t get in the way of good health, fitness and well-being . We inspire our members every day and they inspire us. Join us for class at Soulful Fitness Lane Cove

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