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Pilates breathing is important for muscle activation. Find out more and read on.
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Pilates Breathing

Pilates Breathing

Pilates breathing is in through the nose and out through the mouth which is different to some other forms of exercise.

Why is it important to work on getting the breath right?

Because it is a process to help with muscle activation and ensure the right muscles are not just coming along for the ride with your movements but they are actively switched on and working on every extension and contraction to build core strength and gain core stability.

How to breathe?

With most Pilates movements you will breathe in to prepare and then out to push away. Then on the return of the exercise you will breathe in again to prepare once more to push away. This will change with one or two exercises that may be done on all fours or on the Pilates Reformer bed.

When starting out dont get too lost or frustrated with the breath work, but as you get better with the exercises work on tryinng to get the breath right too to maximise your muscle activation and you’ll find you will get better results from your classes.

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