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Reading food labels is essential for health.
Reading food labels is essential for health, reading food labels, yoga lane cove, pilates lane cove
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Reading Food Labels

Reading Food Labels

Reading food labels is essential for health.

Most products available in the supermarket have great advertising on the front of the packs but all the important information is in the food labels. 3 different brands of plain rice crackers range from having 3 ingredients to over 10, most which are numbers and chemicals. Sakata only have 3 ingredients so choose that option opposed to the others.

You want to be looking at how muck sodium, additives and chemicals are in your food.

The other thing to consider is how much sugar and carbohydrate is in your food.

The yoghurt on the left of the picture here has less fat than the ice cream on the right it has nearly the same amount of Carbs / 100. Just because we perceive things to be healthy doesn’t mean they are. Some items such as certain yoghurt that were once healthy have been changed to include flavouring and sugar and what was once a breakfast choice may soon me a dessert option for certain flavours and brands.

Overall a guide is to choose a yoghurt with under 8gms carbs or it will be too high in sugars

Start to look at the food labels of all the food you buy and you will quickly educate yourself on what the best choices are for you and your family.

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