Soulful Fitness | Replenishing Your Soul Cup
Self preservation is so important to ensure your cup is constantly full
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Replenish Your Soul Cup

Replenish Your Soul Cup

Your soul is like a cup which can be filled by comments, activities, experiences, connections and events during the day, or be equally depleted. Many of us are too quick to let the little things drain our cup leaving not much in there to handle the big events. This is where self preservation and building resilience comes in. It’s up to you to be proactive in finding ways to fill your cup every day. Here are some methods:

1. Intention setting in the morning. When you wake, jot down a couple of things you can do today to make a difference to your day

2. Avoid anything negative like the news first thing in the morning. Set the day off gently with positive vibes.

3. Self care rituals are needed daily. Playing your favourite music, journaling, a yoga or Pilates class, meditation session, special cup of home made herbal tea, magnesium bath, massage, nature walk or connection with good friends are all ways to fill your cup building inner strength and resilience.

4. Stay in your lane. If someone has opinions about the world that you don’t share, just stay in your lane if they are not directly involving you. Simply spend your time focusing on what you are doing and what’s good for you. This is far more productive and self serving.

5. Connect to your breath. Resetting your brain, lung and heart rhythm by being still for a few minutes and controlling your breathing and connecting to your inner being will fill your soul cup.

6. Show gratitude at the end of each day before bed for the little wins and this includes having this beautiful experience on this magnificent Earth. To respect that we are mortal is a very humbling thing. We are not bigger than the universe, we are part of it and being gratuitous for this life and the small daily wins is soul filling.

It’s up to you, filling your cup will come from others but so will its depletion. Use these methods daily to ensure your soul cup is always full.