Soulful Fitness | Spend Time in Higher Vibrating Emotions For Your Wellbeing
Emotions can effect the functioning of our hormones, chemistry, muscles and organs. Stay in the higher vibrating ones for wellbeing
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Spend Time in Higher Vibrating Emotions For Your Wellbeing

Spend Time in Higher Vibrating Emotions For Your Wellbeing

For those feeling lost remember there have been dictatorships, war and mass cruelty before our time and the world has been a beautiful place again after these hard times and will be again after this is over too thanks to the high vibration humans and light workers. Please try not live with fear but work on acceptance which is an amazing vibration to live at for every cell in your body, mind and soul to be healthy and well.

Fear has responses right through the body from your hormones to your muscles and organs. Fight or flight nervous system is activated, release of cortisol, release of adrenaline, increases heart rate and blood pressure, tightness of chest, blood moves away heart to limbs, anxiety and you feel sick. “With kinesiological testing, we can instantly demonstrate a reduction that a fearful thought causes a major flow down the body’s energy meridians to the body’s vital organs.” David Hawkins

The good news is the antidote to fear is love. A release of Dopamine – pleasure chemical, release of oxytocin – love/relationship building, release of vasopressin – attachment, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, mood elevation, happier, better wellness and health and can increase heart health. “How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?” Albert Einstein.

Choose how you are going to live each minute, each hour and if you drop down the ladder, be conscious and change the way you are thinking or feeling. Make a conscious effort to drop into a meditation, yoga class or just do something nice for someone else unconditionally if you have had enough of the negativity on the news, work, extra chores or social media confusion. Be present with you, listen to you and change your vibration in an instant to a higher healthier level. Your body, mind and soul depend on it.

If you need more info read Letting Go by David Hawkins