Soulful Fitness | The Human Spirit - Ignite the Spark
The human spirit has so many tools we can tap into
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The Human Spirit – Ignite the Spark

The Human Spirit – Ignite the Spark

The Human Spirit
Uncertainty, confusion and the media has decimated the human spirit. Human spirit does not shame, bully or show aggression. It’s the opposite, it shows generosity, empathy and compassion. Reigniting our spirit brings back awareness, heightens intelligence, opens the heart, activates our parasympathetic nervous system, generates creativity and passion and connects us to our higher self and allows our cells to vibrate at a higher frequency promoting healing and wellbeing..

A meaningful contribution such as a random act of kindness, a special gesture or showing compassion will instantly spark the human spirit. Baking your neighbour a meal, sending flowers to a family member, sending someone in a nursing home a gift, calling a friend, sending a bunch of cards to people in your community, volunteering at a charity, or sending a box of food to those that have loss income will help you ignite the human spirit which is more contagious than anything on this planet.

The human spirit is magnificent. It is deep, courageous, strong willed, it gives you believe, it brings hope, it shows resilience, it expels love, it defies the odds, it takes risks, it has compassion, it is filled with passion, all the things humans need to get through these hard times. Please tap into this incredible resource we have been given to survive and thrive. Ignite the spark.