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Want to know all about Pilates and Pilates Reformer classes? Read on
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What is Pilates Reformer?

What is Pilates Reformer?

Pilates Reformer classes are Pilates exercises done on the bed using a carriage, straps and springs as resistance. The bed is versatile with adjustable neck rests, different carriage and stopper positions to suit different body lengths and adjustable springs to suit the intensity of the workout you want. Most of the classes will have exercises focused on the legs, inner thighs, calves, buttocks, hips, shoulders, back, chest, biceps, triceps and in every exercise your abdominals will be turned on as the carriage is moving and requires the core switched on to give the body stability. The exercises promote length, strength, flexibility, mobility and  balance, its an all over total body workout.

Join us for a Pilates Reformer class at Soulful Fitness Lane Cove www.soulfulfitness.com.au/timetable in the Villages Arcade opposite Coles

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