Soulful Fitness | What Will 2020 Bring to Your Health?
2020 is here, learn these quick tips on how to ensure you reach your health goals this year
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What Will 2020 Bring to Your Health?

2020 Goal Setting Soulful Fitness

What Will 2020 Bring to Your Health?

Setting goals is always something a lot of people don’t like to do. Why not? Because the fear of failure stops so many people from even trying. Ironically more people fail from not starting then from starting and not succeeding. We understand that you don’t want to fail at another diet, another exercise routine or another weight loss attempt. However failing to plan and set goals is a sure way to not succeed and to not get to where you want to be. Here are some tips to having a successful 2020:

1. Work on your mental health first. If your head is not right, your body is not right. If you are stressed, anxious, pushed to please everyone else and meeting deadlines then work on mindfulness, relaxation and mental health before the body. Workshops such as sound healing and classes such as meditation, restorative yoga, yin yoga and yin yoga and yoga nidra all have powerful results in reducing mental anguish and stress. When you find balance with your mind and doing these gentle low impact classes, you change the chemistry in your body and create small wins which makes you feel better (the classes will aid heavily in making more space in your body by reducing muscle tension, improving circulation, detoxing and increasing blood flow to reduce pain and help the body strengthen as well as slowing the nervous system and clearing the mind).  

2. Plan short term and long term goals. Start by doing the most important thing first. If it’s to heal an injury then this should be your focus. Write down exactly what you want to achieve and set short and long term deadlines to help you to commit to achieving them. Don’t be scared to set deadlines as they really do turn a dream or wish into a goal and a plan and get you there. If your goal is to lose 10 kilos, then cut it down to start by losing 300-500gms per week. Little ‘çan do’ wins encourage big wins.

3. Put your workouts in your diary. The most important assets are your mind and body. Without them you cannot exist. At the end of 2019 we have continually heard how people are drained from other commitments. It really doesn’t take anything else other than discipline and boundary management to put a minimum of 2 classes into your phone calendar each week that are non negotiable times for you. You can help others better when you are your best self. Make 2020 the year of self-preservation.

4. Ensure your eating plan matches your goals. Success comes from a balance of energy into the body and energy out of the body. Consuming more than you use will lead to storage of energy and weight. A good breakfast is essential, followed by planned snacks, lunch and a lighter lower carbohydrate dinner. Try a herbal peppermint tea after dinner if you feel like something more or try and get an early night’s sleep! Tiny changes make the biggest results so is there something in your diet that isn’t serving your energy and body? Time to let it go and make the changes needed to suit your changing body.

5. Every little bit counts. One class a week is still 52 a year that you wouldn’t get if you don’t start. 2 classes each week equals 104 sessions per year. How fantastic for your body! Start with low impact classes that you can do and on the days you have more energy to burn, maybe try 2 classes in a row or a higher intensity workout such as virtual spin, Pilates reformer, cardio bounce reformer, vinyasa or ashtanga yoga. There are such a wide variety of classes at the studio it truly is about listening to your body and giving it what it needs. 

Get excited 2020 is here and if 2019 was not great for your health, let’s make up for it and make 2020 the year to get back on track and move forward. Happy New Year!