Soulful Fitness | Workshops
We exist to inspire our community to work on their stamina, strength or stretch priorities with Yoga and Pilates. Move your body and feed your soul with over 68 dedicated classes per week plus workshops. Try us now 2 FREE Yoga, Barre or Pilates Mat Classes.
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Soulful Fitness runs workshops monthly with experiences practitioners to offer healing, stress relief, education and support. Some of the workshops running include;

  • Mindfulness; neuroscience to help restore balance and clarity
  • Sound Healing; special instruments that align chakras and help to relieve stress, tension and blockages
  • Intuitive / Angel Healing; learning to listen to the universe to help you balance chakras and stay on your path
  • Yoga Workshops; to help you understand some of the postures and breathing
  • Naturopath; learn about the body, gut healing, herbs for fighting disease, nutrition and overall health
  • Chiropractors; members will receive a complimentary spine assessment on spine screen nights at the studio
  • Chiropractors; monthly rehabilitation workshops to restore and prevent injuries
  • Roll and Release; a workshop on the roller to relieve myofascial tension and aid joint support and reduce injuries and muscle soreness
  • Astrological Chart Reading; learn how to read your charts based off the time you were born and how the planets are positioned
  • Reiki healing; learn how to realign your chakras and remove blockages promoting physical and emotional healing