Soulful Fitness | Your Grounding Rituals
Drop into nature, a warrior pose or practice coherence to ground yourself to take on life's challenges
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Your Grounding Rituals

Your Grounding Rituals

Getting grounded is essential to bring your body back into its natural rhythm, feeling completely relaxed and living as your truest self. 

Connecting to nature is important for our souls and can be done by walking in the park, along the beach or a river bed, dipping your feet in the ocean or a lake or just getting your toes immersed in the dirt. This is because firstly the Earth radiates at 7.83 hertz and so does our alpha brain waves. So all the clutter of digital screens, traffic, neon lights, materialistic pressure and noisy living environments is dissolved. You are literally in nature getting your brain waves back in sink with where life began. It is completely relaxing and revitalising for your human body and brain. Check out the “Schumann Resonance” named after the Dr who mathematically predicted this frequency. Secondly the negative ions the earth and nature radiates are detoxing your body from all the positive charge in your homes and work life. This brings you back into balance. Physics shows us how important nature is and if we listen to our internal guidance system, you will know what your body needs to restore, reboot and heal. 

Other ways you can ground yourself is via your physical body and promoting your circulation and changing your chemistry. Getting into postures such as a mountain pose is extremely grounding or try a warrior pose and ground yourself through your feet, feel strong through your core and legs, create space in your body with your arms and instead of feeling confused and helpless, empower every cell in your body and mind to be a warrior for the day’s challenges.

Another grounding ritual is to lie still and imagine there is a red ball slightly spinning below your tail bone extracting all the toxins and worries in your body and sending them into the red ball. This location is where your root chakra, or Muladhara is located which is responsible for security and stability. 

Laughing is a wonderful grounding tool, as well as practicing compassion and opening your heart. Having coherence which is the practice of bringing your brain, mind, body and emotions into balanced alignment is a great mindfulness practice done by meditation and breathwork to gain grounding. 

Try a few of these grounding exercises to promote wellbeing, rest and digest parasympathetic nervous system, clarity, relaxation and oneness with the world and yourself