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Your nourishment is more important now than its ever been
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Your Nourishment

Your Nourishment

Your Nourishment is so vital to stay completely nourished in times of change, stress and confusion. Nourishing yourself helps give you what you need to grow stronger. If challenges are asking you to lift and give more, than you need to replenish these nutrients to avoid burn out. Everything you consume either works for you or against you.

Nourishment comes from the foods you eat. Eliminate processed and choose fresh food, herbs, leafy greens, organic, home grown or ethically and sustainably farmed produce where you can.

Nourishment comes from what you drink. Remember to stay hydrated with filtered water. Herbal teas provide detoxification and other health benefits. Reduce alcohol and caffeine where you can and avoid all energy and sugary drinks that will not serve your strength building in anyway.

Nourishment cones from what you think. Turn off the news and use social media to be social and play. Scroll quickly passed any conflict or ego posts, stick to the funny or inspiring ones. Reading a book will be more strengthening for your your brain than spending time on devices.

Nourishment comes from what you feed your soul. What are the words you use to communicate with yourself? Is it positive and loving? The emotions you feel to yourself and others, like the food you eat, will either work for you or against you so avoid any negative feelings or talk.

Nourishing yourselves is vital for your overall functioning, mental and physical heath and your strength building through difficult times in your life. When life is asking you to grow, you must take care of yourself more than ever.