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We exist to inspire our community to work on their stamina, strength or stretch priorities with Yoga and Pilates. Try us now 2 FREE Yoga, Barre or Pilates Mat Classes.
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Welcome to Soulful Fitness, the largest Yoga and Pilates specialist studio in Lane Cove and on the North Shore. Move your body and feed your soul with over 68 dedicated classes per week plus workshops.

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Member Spotlight


  • August 2018 | Danielle AffleckIt is a space in which to relax, unwind, be with yourself and process your life experiences. It is like a little mini retreat in your day, in your week.

    What made you take on a Pilates and Yoga program?  I moved to Lane Cove last year and was looking for a place where I could drop into the space of yoga whenever I needed time out from the busy world. I had started a teaching role in Learning Support and was feeling overloaded. I really needed to find my way back to balance. I had also experienced losing my Mum the year before so it was an intensive time to be starting a new job in an intensive environment, and to be processing grief. I had also found new love which was amazing, so I was trying to find balance from the run down aspect I was feeling with a demanding new job role. Joining Soulful Fitness helped me immensely to come back into balance. I felt less stressed once I started coming regularly.

    What are your favourite classes? Restorative, Yin, Kundalinia, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. I am able to clear my mind and process my thoughts on the yoga mat, it balances me. I love the workshops too!

    What benefits have you seen? I am much calmer if I practice yoga 3 times a week. If I do not, my mind tends to become too over-analytical.

    Challenge that you are working on? Trying to make it to 1-2 Pilates classes a week. I need to work on my core. I also have an ongoing knee issue so I do a lot of modifications.

    Advice for people thinking of starting? I highly recommend giving Soulful Fitness a go. It is a space in which to relax, unwind, be with yourself and process your life experiences. It is like a little mini retreat in your day, in your week. The staff are very friendly, it is a relaxed environment in which to come and unwind, exercise, and feel apart of a community. I especially love the workshops. I have just attended a Crystal Bowl Sound Healing evening. It was very relaxing, and I can see that deep transformation could come from regularly doing this type of healing. I also loved the Kundalini workshop a couple of weeks ago. Again, very relaxing and a deep practice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone at Soulful Fitness!

  • July 2018 | Stephanie GibbinsIn the last 12 months or so I have built muscle back up, corrected posture issues, strengthen my core, become more flexible, more energy and have happier within. 

    What made you take on a Pilates and Yoga program? I started doing Pilates about 15 years ago and loved it but due to work commitments and young kids I felt that I couldn’t find the time to slot it into my life. About 18 months ago I had a wake up call. I had a number of family tragedies in a short space of time which then brought on depression. I took 12 months unpaid leave from my job (I have a very understanding boss thankfully) and gave myself the time and space to work on me. This brought me back to personal training and Pilates. In the end Pilates won out and I have been coming to Soulful fitness for a little over 12 months (and probably spend a good 5 days a week here).

    What are your favourite classes?  I’m a sucker for Pilates reformer. I love the challenges I get from each class and each instructor. It builds up my strength and helps me with my core stability which was falling apart after 2 kids. I also love Amanda’s Pilates Fundamentals class. This class can be challenging and painful (in a good way) but also a great way to strengthen and work on isolating my glutes and core. I do try and do a few yoga classes a week. Yin is great for deep stretches after I do weigh classes. The releases I get from these classes are amazing. I’m still trying to get my head around Hatha and vinyasa... I haven’t given up yet!

    What benefits have you seen? In the last 12 months or so I have built muscle back up, corrected posture issues, strengthen my core, become more flexible, more energy and have happier within. I broke my heal on my birthday last year and was devastated that I wouldn’t be able to do my regular classes. After 2 weeks of sitting around feeling sorry for myself I came back to the studio and got straight back into Pilates Reformer Restorative and Pilates fundamental classes. The instructors were amazing and tailored exercises to my needs (as for everyone else). A few weeks doing these classes I was back to normal classes, again with specific tailoring to my needs, and feeling happy again. I felt that getting back to doing exercise made my recovery so much easier and quicker that what the Dr’s and physios had advised.

    Challenge that you are working on? My biggest challenge I am working on at the moment is getting better at yoga. I see the benefits in other people, and want this for myself. I just need to get out of my own head first. In the meantime i will keep on at it.

    Advice for people thinking of starting? Anyone thinking of starting to work out, whether its your first time or resuming after a number of years off, this is what you need. Its gentle on the body, low or no impact so fantastic for joints and its with a great bunch of like-minded people to enjoy it with. Amanda and her team are nothing but supportive and the people in the classes are friendly, funny and accepting... come on down and kick off your new and improved self now.

  • June 2018 | Tracey HarveyMy heart feels more open. My mind expands. I feel taller. I feel stronger. I take fuller breaths.

    What made you take on a Yoga and Pilates program? I cannot recall whether yoga found me or I found yoga but it was a relationship I was meant to discover – all in perfect time.  When I attended my first ever yoga class quite some years ago, I clearly remember how inflexible and stiff my body was and interestingly, I caught a glimpse of how inflexible my mind was too.  I soon realised that there was more to this yoga thing than just twisting your body into strange shapes and balancing and stretching for an hour or so each week. Yoga was a journey of self-discovery and I was keen to jump on board – yearning to learn and know more about myself and delve deeper into yoga philosophy wisdom. I love being around like-minded people and forming beautiful bonds of friendship through the Soulful Fitness community.

    What are your favourite classes? My favourite classes are all the yoga styles on offer, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini and Pilates Reformer, Meditation, all the various Workshops covering nutrition, breath work, sound healing, mindfulness, chiropractic etc.  (highly unlikely you’ll see me on a spin bike though J).

    What benefits have you seen? The benefits are definitely more flexibility and positive attitude. I feel centred and calm and peaceful.  Each class leaves me with a wonderful sense of well-being and this is why I find it so very easy to prioritise coming to class regardless of how I may feel before I leave home – I remind myself that I always feel better afterwards, and without question, I certainly do!  It’s what I call “my healthy addiction.” My heart feels more open. My mind expands. I feel taller. I feel stronger. I take fuller breaths. Attending for yoga or Pilates is a great way to start the day, to pause for a class in the middle of the day or to end the day! My outward smile has an internal smile to match.  My family and friends have noticed the positive difference and often compliment and comment – they see in me what I actually feel in myself. This is a path I will continue to travel on for sure.

    Challenges that you are working on? I find the challenges are ongoing.  It’s about respecting where your body is at on any given day – depending on what ailments, or stresses pop up – there is always something I am working on - especially balancing poses and hip opening postures. My constant goal is to perfect alignments and transitions and importantly to have a laugh along the way as I practice to achieve that!

    Advice for people thinking of starting? Thinking is the first step, the next step is to simply take action and just come along at least for a trial class - without talking yourself out of it. This will be such a rewarding gift to afford yourself the opportunity to start on an exciting journey to explore your capabilities… on and off the mat.  Every time you arrive on your mat for yoga or Pilates, the present reveals itself!


  • May 2018 | Jess O’BrienJust do it. In a year’s time you’ll wish that you started today

    What made you take on a Pilates and Yoga program?  It was during a trip to Bali last year that I fell in love with yoga. I started dancing when I was 4 years old, which I enjoyed for a long time, but upon entering adulthood I found myself searching for something more. When I tried my first yoga class I instantly knew this is what I needed. I was looking for a way to take care of myself not only physically but also mentally, and yoga was the answer!

    What are your favourite classes? I’ve fallen completely in love with the yoga program at Soulful, and all the instructors are brilliant in their own way. I love how Hayley challenges me and every week I can feel myself getting stronger. Although Lauren is only new to instructing, she has a beautiful style of teaching yoga and is clearly a natural - I love her gentle Vinyasa class. It really is hard to choose a favourite but I try to never miss Sunday Yin and Monday Hatha with Julio! His passion for yoga is contagious and I just want to absorb everything I learn during his classes.

    What benefits have you seen?  Every week I’m noticing that my technique and physical strength continues to improve. I’m sleeping better at night and feeling less anxious than usual. I’m also a lot happier! Yoga brings me peace and I’m in my safe place when I’m on my mat.

    Challenge that you are working on?  I’ve suffered from back pain for over a decade and I’m finding that both Pilates and yoga are helping me manage this. It’s important for me to build up my core strength to prevent further injury, so that is what I’m currently working on improving!

    Advice for people thinking of starting? Just do it. In a year’s time you’ll wish that you started today.

  • April 2018 | Janet YeeI’ve really noticed improvements in my core, butt and upper body.  This has helped resolve lower back issues that I had a few years ago.

    What made you take on a Pilates and Yoga program?

    I had been going to a personal trainer for a number of years and found that I had plateaued in fitness and strength.  I was looking to do something different that I knew was sustainable and would be able to give me the variety that I was looking for.  I loved the vibrancy of Amanda when I met her at the Lane Cove fair and joined up that day.  Everybody that works at the studio brings their own individuality to the classes, but collectively everyone has a great care factor and everybody feels welcome no matter what their fitness level, age or sex.  It is a very welcoming and comfortable environment.

    I loved that I could go to one place for both yoga and Pilates classes and also cardio via the cycle room. The extra bonus is that the teachers are specialists in their areas as opposed to fitness instructors that teach Pilates or yoga.

    What are your favourite classes?  I love Pilates mat classes with Imelda on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.  Pilates reformer with Ruth or Imelda are also fantastic classes.  They are so totally different and very challenging in different ways.  I love the energy and joy that they both bring – actually all the instructors are like this! J

    A big THANK YOU also for the special events that you hold for us, they are great things to look forward to and are definitely an added bonus!

    What benefits have you seen? Improved strength and flexibility all over.  I’ve really noticed improvements in my core, butt and upper body.  This has helped resolve lower back issues that I had a few years ago.  It has also helped with an ongoing knee problem I have.  I’ve never been able to do a chin up on the reformer bed, even on half a spring.  I can now do chin ups on the reformer with one red spring! 

    Coming to the studio has helped give me balance in my life as I often work long hours in an often stressful environment for a busy corporate.  The classes are such an enticement to leave work and let out a bit of steam.

    Challenge that you are working on? Being able to do a proper roll ups.  Doing more cycle sessions in the studio to improve my fitness levels.

    Advice for people thinking of starting? Just get in there and do it.  It’s definitely a no regrets decision.  You’ll be so well supported in your fitness and wellness journey by everybody that it is a no brainer J

  • March 2018 | Astrid Van BlerkI have also observed positive mood changes, higher energy levels, and generally having a calmer and clearer mind, and being more confident, resilient, and patient in everyday life

    What made you take on a Pilates and Yoga program? My main interest is in yoga, which I have been practicing consistently since I retired from a stressful job with near-burnout about 2 years ago. The “regular" gym I joined back then for the purpose of restoring my health also offered various group exercise classes, and I soon left the weight and cardio machines behind and headed for my favourite Yoga and Pilates classes instead (okay - I admit it: some Pump, too, which temporarily ruined my knees!). The combination of the two just seemed so ideal – one complimenting the other perfectly, and yet both being complete, and very effective modalities in their own right... I was aware at the time that this studio specialising in Yoga, Pilates and Barre existed in Lane Cove, but thought (now I know – mistakenly) that as a relative beginner, I wouldn’t belong here. Then, about 6 months ago, I deemed myself to be ready for the “next step”, and – after picking up some courage – went and had a closer look, liked what I saw, joined on the spot, and loved every one of the many minutes I have spent here since!

    What are your favourite classes? Whilst I do like Pilates because it is such an intelligent way to exercise, and changes the body so effectively, my whole being is moved, and my spirit soars, in a good yoga or meditation session. From the very beginning of my membership, I have been utterly intrigued, puzzled, and captivated, by the wonderfully “weird", and yet so powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga, and also rarely miss the weekly Guided Meditation on Saturday – it’s a special treat to be able to turn within, and connect to stillness with a group of like-minded people, in a dedicated environment… I also love all classes that involve inspirational music, healing sound vibrations, or the chanting of mantras – it’s only recently that I have “discovered my voice” in this context, and it’s been liberating!

    What benefits have you seen? Since I joined 6 months ago, my yoga practice has certainly deepened, and become a constant source of joy and support in my life. Pilates has helped with core strength, alignment, and further activating those “lazy glutes” to finally do their job properly! I have learned/remembered/integrated so much already – it feels like I am gradually re-building my body in a better, new order! I have also observed positive mood changes, higher energy levels, and generally having a calmer and clearer mind, and being more confident, resilient, and patient in everyday life. Quite often now during, or after a session I feel somehow elated or uplifted, simply “happy-for-no-reason”, just feeling good (and grateful) to be in this body! Nothing beats such a “natural high” I reckon…

    Challenge that you are working on? Embarking on a relatively intense yoga journey in middle age can certainly bring up some doubts and fears! Should I try even harder to “get somewhere” (whilst I still can), or finally allow myself to relax, and “surrender to the flow”? The latter is not nearly as easy as it sounds, as most of us know… I guess the challenge is (as always) to find the right balance between a healthy drive to explore one’s potential and “growing edge”, and an – equally healthy – sense that “I am enough” right now, as I am in the present moment. Being a curious, occasionally even ambitious, person I want to know where this might be going – so the biggest challenge for me really is to let go of expectations, comparisons, “shoulds” and “oughts”, and just enjoy the journey

    Advice for people thinking of starting? If you are still unsure about this “yoga thing”, try to suspend your (self) doubts and give it a go in Soulful Fitness’ safe and supportive environment. The excellent instructors here teach with integrity and compassion, and will remind you – again and again – how important it is to listen to your body, and develop the kind of self-awareness that helps you to function in everyday life in a better, more balanced way. Practicing yoga inevitably connects you to a worldwide community of people who, by cultivating the light within, contribute to a more loving, compassionate, harmonious outer world. Your family and friends will thank you, too! And, speaking of community – Soulful Fitness, as I see it, is such a valuable part of the Lane Cove community, sitting where it does right there in the very heart of the “village”! If you are a member (or thinking of becoming one), support and respect, cherish and be grateful for everything that is on offer here. Carry your yoga mat with pride – it makes me smile that I can easily identify other members of the “tribe” in the mall, walking purposefully towards the studio in order to catch their next class, or sipping coffee in nearby cafes. Together, we are changing the landscape, and set good examples! Many blessings on your journey, Namaste ©



  • February 2018 | Stuart HoustonI especially like the mental benefits coming from Yoga, as like many people I have a very busy work and home life, and really enjoy the ‘me time’ at the studio

    What made you take on a Pilates and Yoga program?
    I first started practicing Yoga about 4 years ago, primarily to work on my flexibility as I had been practicing Karate and was looking to improve in this area. When my previous yoga studio closed down, I looked around for a studio that had a little bit more variety than I had previously enjoyed. I live about 500m away from Soulful Fitness, so it seemed obvious to give it a a go, esp. as Pilates was also on offer which I had been keen to try for a while. My Karate continues to go well with the additional flexibility and strength that the Pilates and yoga program has delivered, however Yoga is what I now enjoy the most.
    What are your favourite classes?
    I try to attend 4-5 days every week when I am not traveling with work (which is too much unfortunately), with a 50/50 split between Pilates mat and yoga (hatha and yin). I like the variety of classes and different teaching styles. My favourite classes would be Julio’s Yin and Hatha classes, esp. the Sunday afternoon Yin Yoga & Meditation class when I can get to it. I think all the teachers across both yoga and Pilates do a great job, and I like the fact I never know what part of the body and mind we are going to be working on, and feel great for the rest of the day when the class is done.
    What benefits have you seen?
    In addition to my original goals around flexibility, my focus has evolved over the last couple of years. I especially like the mental benefits coming from Yoga, as like many people I have a very busy work and home life, and really enjoy the ‘me time’ at the studio. Also, in the last 12 months or so I have been on a bit of a general health kick - eating more natural and less processed food, less alcohol, more exercise and getting back to a more healthy weight. Yoga & Pilates has been an important part of this journey - to date physically I have dropped around 12 kg’s as a great side effect of living more healthily and mentally am much more ‘in the moment’ and in a ‘Que Sera Sera’ mindset.
    Challenge that you are working on?
    I don’t have a particular challenge - I see my Yoga and Pilates practice as an important part of my lifestyle. If I had to pick one thing, it would be related to flexibility and strength, and to eventually be able to complete some of the more advanced Yoga positions involving balancing and stretching.
    5. Advice for people thinking of starting?
    “Just Do It”. The benefits from a Yoga and Pilates program will be far more than you expect, and there is always something to work on mentally and physically.